Chime is:

Andreas Hecht – Guitar/Vocal
Felix Tilemann – Guitar
Jean-Peer Krutz – Drums
Michael Schulz – Bass

Back in the days of 2011 on a cold winters day, a few guys headed down to a studio called „Kick the flame“ in Leipzig. They had nothing but a few ideas for a couple of songs so far. And that was it! No man on bass guitar or even someone who was able to use his throat in a pleasant way. But they decided to make a record five months later! That’s … stupid in a way, isn’t it?! At least all went fine. We did some demo stuff and showed it a few guys.

The only problem was the singing part. Actually we found noone who could do the shouting. So we recorded the instruments on may and it was up to us to do the singing on ourself. A year later later, in December 2013 we recorded the vocals and the first record was done. We released it on May 2013. One and half year later since our first meeting at „Kick the Flame“.

After finishing that record we played a few shows and struggled with some personal issues. So time had come to do some new music. We took our time to figure out some new sounds. And so – after two and a half years here’ s what we’ve done so far.

And still more to come….